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Falcan Industries is a private, family operated Canadian company, founded in 1989. Based in Fort Macleod, AB, the company manufactures a line of custom and specialty flat deck trailers from 3500lbs. -50,000lbs. Over the years, Falcan Industries has become a leader in the custom design of trailers and truck decks. Falcan is able to provide design and engineering of a broad range of equipment, from trailers with hydraulic lifting systems, crane cabs, heavy duty bumper grills, custom built truck and service decks and small bridges. The staff has grown from four to twenty over the years as well and consists of four full time office staff, experienced welders and painters. Increasingly, Falcan is catering

Product Line

A wide range of trusted product line is available at Falcan Industries

SHW brand Bale Tine

One of the worlds leading manufacturers of spring steel tines for front mounted and telescopic bale loading equipment.

Kinedyne LLC

At Kinedyne LLC, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient solutions and best overall value to our customer, through unparalleled engineering, manufacturing

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